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ACT exam: What you should know

The ACT exam is a test specifically designed to facilitate your entry to a top school in the United States. It mainly assesses your English language skills, And your ability to solve mathematical problems. The ACT applies the time management and assignment ability aspect of the student at the college level.

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Broadway: the preparation platform par excellence


We offer preparatory classes with our qualified teachers to support you until you enter university. Broadway helps you control your anxiety level. familiarization with the test environment, And manage your time on test day. We also offer preparatory course materials. So you can get the necessary information to avoid unpleasant surprises on the day of the test, And you guarantee yourself a better score in the end.

Broadway also provides you with a large number of documents needed to pass the exam. We did the research for you. So, You will be directed to full support with tips and techniques to consider on test day. As well as a large number of test samples accompanied by corrected grids. So you will be able to familiarize yourself with the method of testing, Or even review the questions you’ve prepared in advance.

Many people want to take the test to enter a higher education institution starting in the fall semester. Therefore, they must start preparation classes from the first year of the baccalaureate. Furthermore it, You should know that you will pass the test during the first semester of the second year of the baccalaureate. However, If you wish to start your studies from the winter semester, You will have access to it during the second semester. It is therefore necessary to consider two stakes in September/October and another four in April, June and July.

in addition to, You may find yourself under time constraints regarding the amount of time devoted to core topics. So the more time you need to take the eligibility exams at the beginning of the year, The more likely you are to get a good score to get into your dream institution.

Can I prepare for the ACT exam with Broadway

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You will only be eligible to take the test if you have an advanced level of English. If you don’t know your level, Broadway has put together a free 15-minute test. This test allows you to know your level of English before registering for preparatory courses.

If your English level is below Intermediate level, You will be required to join refresher courses before proceeding to preparation classes. That is why we have provided many programs for you, In order to strengthen your English as quickly as possible.

Intermediate or advanced students will be able to take advantage of individual preparation courses with one of our teachers. You can also take a beta test to better understand how it goes. after that, A customized program will be developed to meet your expectations and get the result you want.

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Book your free trial course

If you decide to pass the ACT exam, But you can not decide which preparation formula is right for you, You can book a trial class on our website. A trial class will allow you to meet your potential teacher, get an idea of the exam in general, and also prepare yourself for future class sessions. This is a Broadway exclusive. You won’t find it anywhere else.

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What exactly is the ACT exam?


American College Test, Similar to other entrance exams, It is a multiple choice questions (MCQ) test. Therefore, the test is divided into four sections, Which: English, Math, Reading and Science.

The English part covers basic grammar, English syntax, and punctuation. The math portion assesses your knowledge of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. While the reading component consists of reading several texts related to current affairs. In particular, in the fields of social sciences, natural sciences and literature. So you will be directed to answer the classic comprehension questions. for example, Determine the main idea of the text, or find an equation for a section in a particular paragraph, Or write general conclusions of what you learned.

The last part of the test measures your general knowledge in scientific fields. You can choose according to your profile, In particular, Physics, chemistry, biology or natural sciences.

It is possible to add a writing component to your admission test. Choosing the ACT exam in addition to writing allows you to improve your final score. You should then write an essay on a particular topic, and present your arguments and views in relation to the proposed topic. The essay should be written in a consistent hierarchy that applies your organizational and English language skills.

You will have a total of 215 questions, In a time span of two hours and 55 minutes, Plus 30 minutes for the writing part. Know that you can take breaks during the test without consuming your time balance.

What is the best ACT score?


The result mainly depends on your skills, level of readiness and the university of your choice. Each institution has a network of information about the test and the result required to reach it. as a principle , Most US universities accept the ACT as an entrance test. However, Try taking a tour of their websites to get more ideas on how to sign up.

The entire test is scored from 1 to 36, The maximum is 36 points. after that, The four sections are averaged in order to obtain your final score. Unlike other entrance exams, The ACT exam does not apply a penalty for incorrect answers. So if you want to guess, It is best to make sure all your answers are correct. This will enable you to get the best possible result.

When can I get my ACT exam scores?

It depends on the type of test you have chosen. For the MCQ part, The final result will be sent to you approximately two days after the exam date. While writing the article may take a little longer. In any case, All your results will be available within a maximum of 4 weeks. Know that you can follow the progress of your results online. You just have to log into the account you created during the online registration and follow the progress of the process.

Why do we need to prepare for the ACT exam?

Like other types of entrance exams, The ACT exam requires a technical addition rather than a language supplement. It is the form of the test that gives it a more or less complex character for young people. Also know that having a good level of English is not enough to guarantee a good score on the exam. So it is better to think about the preparation in advance.

Every student goes through tremendous pressure because of the hectic schedule they have to respect, the baccalaureate, and English language tests, etc. This is why we don’t give enough time or think about the importance of university entrance exams. Whereas access to a good training is a ticket to a better career. So preparing for your exam is essential if you want to reserve a seat at your chosen university.

ACT vs SAT, How do I choose?

You must first choose your university, training program and level of study. All US universities accept the ACT as well as the SAT as an admission test. If you are confused and do not know where to start your search, contact us. We have more than 150 partner universities around the world and we can help you achieve your dream.

Study abroad

Study abroad

Broadway supports you throughout the preparation process. Starting with the orientation sessions, It guides you in your choice of university according to your academic path. Given the large number of opportunities available in the world, Students will be embarrassed to make this or that choice. Our Academic Orientation Program aims to ensure that our students have a clear idea of the areas of study that are most compatible with their core knowledge. Then the job that suits them the most.

Broadway is a partner of more than 150 universities around the world. Therefore, the Institute provides a counseling and guidance service for students wishing to continue their studies abroad. Thus, they can benefit from support to register at the university of their choice, or get a scholarship, Or even get accommodation.

Other services

Broadway is committed to preparing candidates to achieve the highest scores on the TOEFL test. in addition to, It offers preparation courses for other tests for admission to universities abroad, Including SAT, GMAT, GRE and IELTS. Thanks to Broadway’s specially formulated as-needed preparation formula, Students can easily adapt to the test methods of their choice and reserve a seat at their dream university.

Frequently asked questions

The ACT exam is available twice a year. The choice of date depends on your choice of admission interview. Broadway provides detailed information on ACT dates, Simply visit our website for more information.

The ACT exams consist of 4 sections which are: English, Math, Reading and Science. You can get more details on the details of each section on Broadway’s website.

Preparing for the ACT test allows you to get a better score to reach the third wire. So we suggest that you take prep courses on Broadway to master the techniques and tools on test day.

You can find a complete file of ACT exam samples on Broadway. In addition to the course materials, We provide you with a large number of exam examples to familiarize you with the exam style. Choosing Broadway allows you to prepare well for the ACT test.

The ACT is usually taken in American schools in the Arab world. That’s why Broadway guarantees you the best possible preparation for the ACT test, Until the day of the test.