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English language school in Dubai : prepare for exams

A good score on English language tests is crucial to ensuring admission to universities abroad. Taking the test without preparing in advance could cost you forfeiting your acceptance. Because Broadway is an authorized exam center TOEFLIt also offers English language test preparation courses. You can choose between test TOEFL or IELTS or SAT or ACT or GMAT or GR or Cambridge English Assessment.

Some testimonials about preparing for English exams

Prepare the English test whatever your level

English test

Broadway prepares you for various English language tests . Also know that you have to choose from several tests which one suits you best . So which test you choose depends on your course, situation and the requirements of the university you choose. Feel free to contact us to determine which test you need.

Do not make the same mistake as those people who decide to take an English test without any prior preparation. In fact, It is not enough to have a very good level of English to get a very good score in the exam.

To start preparing for the exam, It is necessary to have at least an intermediate level (B1) . If the candidate’s level is found to be below average, It is therefore necessary to go through an upgrade course before starting the preparatory lessons. If you do not know your level, Click here to take a free level test in 15 minutes.

on Broadway, We also organize preparatory lessons for the baccalaureate exam in English. Even high school students have the opportunity to prepare for the Broadway English Exam . So feel free to contact us by phone for more details .

Prepare for the English test with Broadway!

Prepare for English test in groups or individually

Whether you want to prepare in a group or individually, Broadway gives you the opportunity to choose between two preparation methods.

Each of these two methods has its advantages . The group method allows you to put yourself in a group atmosphere . It motivates you and excites you more . If you are the type who has more motivation and more determination within the group, This method is right for you. On the other hand, The single method allows you to benefit from more teachers’ care. If you are one of those people who are more focused on an individual level, who wish to take advantage of the advantages of individual lessons, This is the perfect way to prepare for the English exam.

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Study abroad with scholarship

Study abroad

Broadway Offers pupils and students who wish to continue their studies abroad a full service to help them enter the best schools and universities in the USA, UK or Canada . after that, Bears Broadway Processing university registration files, In addition to scholarships. and this is, In constant contact with the candidates and taking into account the constraints of the budget, and the type of studies they wish to pursue, And the destinations that attract them the most.

Scholarships for study abroad are often given by governments, associations, aid programs or universities . Thanks to 150 Broadway partners , we help you obtain a scholarship to support your stay abroad . The Foundation also translates your certificates and score sheets, and visa application procedures, and finally, Procedures for obtaining residence in the host country. Know that all of these services consist of support from the beginning to the end of the entire procedure.

So, Feel free to contact us to start the process to realize your dream.

Mock exam to prepare for English test


The analog test is a simulation of the English language exam that prepares the candidates for the various exams: TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRCambridge Assessments of the English Language. Then you put them in a situation similar to what it would be like on exam day. The representative test allows the teaching team to get a detailed diagnosis of the level and score that the candidate can obtain, In addition to discovering the gaps that need to be filled. So, Broadway presents, As a test center, These are representative test candidates to prepare them to take these exams in the best online conditions.

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Why are you preparing to take your English test with Broadway

Choosing Broadway to prepare for an English test is the perfect choice . In fact, Our institute has ten years of experience in teaching English and preparing for various exams. We also partner with more than 150 schools and universities around the world . Broadway is one of the largest accredited TOEFL exam centers in the Arab world. So we know the candidates’ needs and prepare them to pass English language tests and achieve good grades.

Our teachers and experts in English language teaching and exam preparation are here to help you prepare for the exam in the best way online on our e-learning platform . They always guarantee your success with professionalism, seriousness and determination.

Broadway designed a highly innovative educational platform . This platform allows you to prepare for your English exam and follow your English lessons comfortably online from home . Broadway online platform is an interactive platform that calls on many resources, Which: interactive boards, live or subsidiary classroom lessons, broadcasting via multimedia. You will then have the freedom and flexibility to learn as you wish .

Frequently asked questions

Which English test you choose depends on your situation . This is because there are many English language tests and exams to choose from . Therefore, we invite you to see the different types of exams and exams that we organize on our website for more information about the perfect exam for you .

The best English test for you is the one that suits you . So Broadway helps you choose the best English test or exam for you . You can refer to the website for more information about the test that best suits your needs .

To success in an English language exam, You have to start preparing well. for this purpose, Broadway offers prep classes to put you in good shape on exam day. Feel free to see the details of this preparation on our website .