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English tutoring for teens: Welcome to Teens Academy

English tutoring for teens: Teen Academy is a program of English courses for teens designed to support your children in their school path. Teens Academy offers a complete package for middle school and high school students. Broadway Online provides language and communication courses, As well as academic guidance and training courses. We are an accredited TOEFL test center. So your kids can benefit from the preparation courses to get a good score on the test. Broadway has more than 150 partner universities around the world. Therefore, we have developed special academic programs for teenagers to help them pass the baccalaureate exams and gain admission, And maybe get scholarships after that.

Our students' testimonials about English tutoring

The English Program for Teens on Broadway!

Broadway developed what is called a reverse learning method that focuses on speaking before moving on to writing. This made it possible to discover the rapid development of the learning process among our students. So Teen Academy allows your kids to integrate into their daily lives. Thus, they learn to develop their sense of criticism. Engaging in everyday life and defining what they want to become next.

Your children will then be entitled to discuss current discussion topics. This will allow them to acquire useful cultural and linguistic wealth for the future. Students are not only learners but are also involved in the learning process. Thus they can choose the topics they want to work on and practice the language through their areas of interest.

Why choose Broadway to receive English courses for teens?

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The problem today is being able to easily change the English language without experiencing communication problems. Furthermore it , Teaching English in middle and high school places more emphasis on the effectiveness of theoretical lessons for building language machinery. While our educational curriculum chooses the communication component so that your child can master the English language quickly and easily. English lessons for teenagers come to prepare future successful people to pass their exams, But also to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s life. Broadway is a TOEFL accredited center. Thanks to our preparation courses and the large number of our partner international universities, We have been able to accompany thousands of teenagers towards a better future.

Teens Academy: English courses for teens!

Teen Academy A program for oral and academic English communication for teens, It depends on communication in the first place, Taking into account the topics discussed with the teenager. It must be said that from an educational point of view, Distribution by level and age group has been shown to be beneficial. Topics that may interest a teenager are not those that a child under the age of ten can discuss. Online through our e-learning platform, We support your children from their first steps in prep in order to give them the best composition available on the market.

Online English courses for teens

To start , Your child will have the option to follow lessons in Ain El-Kan at our center or to follow English lessons online. Broadway’s online platform is the first of its kind in Dubai. The Broadway e-learning platform uses many IT tools to teach the language, Which: Interactive boards, subsidiary rooms, video conferencing tools and multimedia player. So your kids will be able to work in computer communication workshops at home. And therefore , Our online platform is available to all age groups, It can easily provide online learning similar to that in the real classroom.

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Study abroad: It's easy with Broadway!

Study abroad

Broadway also provides you with a comprehensive database on how to enroll in universities abroad, available pathways, and exams to be taken. We’ve also added information about the Merit Scholarships your child can get. If you choose a configuration in the United States, England or Canada, Simply visit our website and click on the destination of your choice. You will have access to all useful information about study abroad pathways, Including choosing a university and the type of visa you should get.

Our programs for children and adults!

Broadway offers special programs for children to start learning from the age of 6. We have also developed packages for adults. Visit Kids Club and Adult Programs for more information.

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Linguistic stay for young people: 44 destinations - every Monday

You should know that the unlimited learning ability of your child cannot be framed only in the lessons. That is why we propose a language residence for young people from the age of 14 in order to encourage the new generation to communicate better in English. And since practicing the language with the Anglo-Saxons enables you to improve the communicative aspect of the language, The linguistic aspect not only improves your child’s oral ability, But it also improves his behavioral skills. The successful investment, And immersion at a young age makes it possible to better build the character of tomorrow.

English programs for teenagers

Teens Academy: language school

Teen Academy is a program of English language lessons for teenagers. So , It allows your child to develop his written and oral language skills. And also to practice pronunciation for perfect pronunciation of English terms. Our teaching team has put together some great programs to develop your children’s academic skills. These programs include classic lessons in comprehension, grammar, and writing. In addition to the communication component in order to allow young people to acquire a good level of written and oral English.

English test

English for Teens: school guidance

Broadway helps your children make their choices with research workshops, language exchanges, and immersion stays abroad. Choose language trips. It not only helps the teenager to improve his English, It also contributes to the development of his personal skills. This will make him want to explore more opportunities to study abroad.

We think of young people who have a good level of English and who have decided to continue their studies in the Arab world. We offer orientation courses to help you choose the right university for you. in addition to , Broadway has prepared a preparatory package for passing the entrance exams for the schools of your choice.

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Personal development courses and school training

Our young trainees will be able to attend school training courses through videos and educational materials. So they can follow and be inspired by the testimonies of other teens who are success stories in the world. These courses will be in the form of communicative workshops, Plus support courses to supplement their basic knowledge. Finally, exchange and discussion sessions. It must be said that the best way to get to know a teenager is to talk to him. This allows us to see what caused it to lock itself in its shell in the first place.

Frequently asked questions

Following up on preparatory English lessons is the first step in improving your baccalaureate score. on Broadway, Your children will be able to take intensive English language lessons to prepare them for high school.

Pursuing secondary English lessons is possible throughout the Arab world, but mastery of the language and good preparation for postgraduate studies are specific to Broadway. Consider visiting the Teen Academy. You will have more information about English language programs for teenagers.

There are many English movies for teens on the Internet. However , The challenge is sorting to choose the best. on Broadway, We’ve scheduled movie shows to help your kids learn the language straight from the United States. Go to our site for more information about Teens Academy.

Finding English books to read for teens can be a real challenge. Especially if your child does not prefer reading. Broadway Reading Workshops encourage your child to read while enjoying the content. So all you have to do is register it with Teens Academy. Leave the hard work to us!