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English Speaking School Dubai

Broadway, an English speaking school Dubai, has developed a platform for online English communication courses. Thanks to our diverse programming, successful Broadway performers have been able to realize their dreams and change their lives for the better. Whether you want to learn to speak English for your everyday or professional life, or want your child to enter an elite school, join the thousands of our students who have trusted us over the past 10 years and join Broadway. You will not regret!

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English speaking school Dubai : Broadway platform online

Broadway has developed a platform for interactive online courses. Our platform allows you to learn to speak English based on the basics of the language. The Broadway online platform is unique. The majority of English language schools use traditional video lecture programmes, It is more intended for online meetings. While the Broadway Online Platform allows you to follow your lessons online without having to install any software or obtain advanced technical hardware. The new user of technology can access and deal with different classes easily. Broadway platform online: Used equipments :

The online platform is a Broadway-exclusive solution. So you will have the right to several tools to make online classes more attractive than if they were done in class:

– Interactive Online Board: The online whiteboard allows you to follow the lesson in detail. It helps you organize your thoughts, answer questions and exercises with the rest of the class.

Sub-Halls: This aspect is designed more for group work. You will be able to undertake small projects or attend formative workshops in English as part of a subgroup. In fact , Sub-rooms allow small groups (pairs or trios) to be created for oral expression and role-playing exercises. So the teacher can divide the class into several subcategories, While observing the development of each group. Once the job is done, All participants can return to the master class to continue lessons.

Video conferencing tools: The ability to share your screen with the rest of the class will make you feel like you’re in a real classroom. This improves your sense of interaction with other learners.

– Media player: You can also attend Netflix movie shows or videos on YouTube or any other platform. This will help you master your listening skills, As well as your pronunciation in English.

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Online English courses with Broadway !

Broadway is based on the experiences of its partners in the United States. Therefore, we have adopted the so-called “reverse” teaching model by focusing more on the communication component. Unlike the classic model which prepares students to take written tests, Our lessons are primarily based on communication. Say goodbye to complex grammatical networks. On Broadway you will first learn how to communicate as you learned your mother tongue. Thus you will develop the language mechanisms necessary to communicate fluently. And therefore, It makes it easier for you to master the grammar.

In fact, English speaking is learned in the form of thematic conversations between the participants. Lessons are led by a teacher to assess each learner’s progress. So our participants can learn new concepts related to real situations in their daily life. We use videos, the Internet, and research to make classes more engaging.

In fact , Our classes take into account the level and age group of each participant. on Broadway, We have developed programs specifically designed for each category. You should know that the topics of interest to an adult are not the same as for a child or teenager. The professional aspect of learners must also be taken into account to ensure that they are better integrated into the workplace.

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If you do not feel able to choose among our programs, Broadway is offering you a quick test online. You can then get a free diagnosis from one of our teachers, and attend a trial lesson. The demo lesson allows you to visualize the work environment as well as to know the pace of progress that you would like to walk next.

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Our approach to learning to speak English online with Broadway!

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Broadway is more concerned with the needs of the learner, Whatever his level of English. The various programs available to you online meet all your demands. So we created custom content for every age group, So you can get the most out of your Broadway experience. In fact , Our highly qualified teaching team is responsible for creating our online lessons. Our approach focuses on the communication aspect first and foremost. Unlike the old teaching method that builds language automation from grammar,

The Broadway Institute curriculum focuses on mastering oral English before moving on to theory because it is all about learning to speak English. So you will be able to easily communicate in any situation that can happen in daily life.

Our teachers in English speaking school Dubai


Broadway has highly qualified teaching staff, Especially in pedagogy as well as informatics tools for online lessons. Our teachers are able to use the alternative curriculum to communicate the content of our programmes. This approach creates a fairly pleasant working environment on the Internet. The teacher is no longer a component of content but a partner in the process of learning to speak English. Our teachers have also benefited from training in all of our online programs. So they are able to provide lessons via IT to our platform, In addition to following up the development of communication workshops in the subsidiary halls.

Frequently asked questions

To learn English online, you must first pass a placement test. Then define your goal to get the training that meets your needs and your level of English. To do this, Broadway guides you in choosing a composition to help you learn to speak English online in record time.

It is easier to follow online English lessons today. Broadway offers programs that meet the needs and demands of every person. Whether you are an adult, a child or a teenager you will find details of each configuration on our website.

To follow English lessons online, Just join Broadway. All our online trainings are accredited and you will be entitled to a language diploma at the end of the training. This certificate proves your ability in the English language for all practical purposes.

To follow intensive English classes online, Just join Broadway. It offers customized packages for every level and every age group. Online tutoring and Speak English in 6 months allow you to learn to speak English in record time. Visit our website for more information about each programme.

Learning to speak English on your own can be difficult at first. first of all, You should take a test to determine your goal and choose the lessons in terms of content and time. So you can take a free level test online. Based on your results, You can benefit from the advice of one of our consultants to determine your program.