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IELTS Dubai training - IELTS test: preparatory program

Prepare for IELTS test with Broadway. The world’s most popular English test for higher education and immigration is IELTS. In fact, It is possible to pass IELTS test with Broadway. in addition to, We have a Broadway prep. This program is intended for those who wish to take English language lessons, He then passed the International English Language Testing System in order to prove his language skills. And therefore, Certain conditions must be met in order to make the project of traveling to the Anglo-Saxon region possible.

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What is the IELTS test and how important is it?

First , IELTS test IELTS is the most popular English language test in the world. Having proven itself, many institutions see it as a sign of excellence. It is a test that certifies English language proficiency. In addition, you can assess your level of English reading, writing, listening and speaking. The IELTS test is described It is one of the most important English language tests. It is trusted by more than 11,000 organizations. It is important that IELTS is based on the principles of communication .

Our support program for preparing for this exam takes into account the difficulties that different students may encounter. From student to beginner, intermediate or advanced level, Each program is designed to perfect their skills. Ensures that they get more than a good score on the test.

first of all, You must have a good score on the test. For students wishing to enroll in English-speaking universities, The ideal score is a score of 7. Registration is different from other English language tests, The score is calculated based on the exact answers given in the various assessment sections. Originally, There are 40 questions for each section.

in addition to, It is most popular in England. So if you want to work, study or live in the UK, You need an IELTS test IELTS.

IELTS Dubai training: preparation details

First, Our program is designed for IELTS test IELTS For anyone wishing to take this test. in addition to, This program provides you with examples of IELTS test IELTS with real simulation of test day conditions . in another meaning, Our setup program tells you what the test looks like. Improves your confidence when writing, speaking, reading and listening in English. So you will have the opportunity to juggle your schedule with your lessons. This is a Broadway feature.

The preparation schedule is made so that every learner can find their way. The customization offered to you facilitates exchanges in English.

The bulk of our composition touches all sectors. Our English language courses are suitable for all sectors of professional activity. So we not only give you English lessons, We create you so that you are completely comfortable with the English language after the test you have to pass. Thus, daily practice in any sector and in any field is guaranteed, From health professionals to students, Passing by the housewife or restaurateur at the end or beginning of the course. All our lessons are aimed at generalizing the use of the English language. And therefore, Through our carefully designed courses, We guarantee proper preparation and good results.

Register to prepare for the IELTS mock test

with Broadway, Prepare for IELTS test IELTS Individually. So you can make a beta test. The main act of beta testing is to put you in a real test situation. Through this test, We will know exactly where your difficulties come from. We identify your main weaknesses and strengths. Thus we will focus your preparations on the important points. Through our English language courses, We avoid uniformity of composition; Because not all people have the same abilities. So we adapt to everyone’s skills.

Each student learns at their own pace, But the results are the same in the end. They are all distinct. With video courses Visio and face-to-face classes, each program aims to raise the bar at the end of each class. There are methods that can no longer be proven, so we assure our students of the results-oriented methods that will open the door for them to realize their projects .

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Book your free trial course

for this purpose, Before the adventure begins, We have put together a unique offer of free trial lessons. from now on, Book your trial lesson to ensure the quality of our lessons. This class will put you in the everyday learning conditions of our students. We ensure through our policy that we remain competitive through our results and the fate of our students. Their professional progress is no longer the same after coming to us. Therefore, we adhere to this standard. Feel free to try our free trial.

Do you dream of studying abroad?

Study abroad

Thanks to IELTS test who are subject to it on Broadway, You will be able to continue your studies abroad.

As more than 11,000 institutions trust IELTS , taking the test is a must. The latter gives you access to major universities and schools abroad .

Briefly, Prepare for IELTS test IELTS in Broadway. You can then start or continue your undergraduate studies abroad.

Free placement test

first of all, To prepare for the IELTS test IELTS , it is necessary to know your level of English. If you don’t know your exact level, that’s okay. You can simply visit our website and take the test for free. Therefore, you will need only 15 minutes to take the test. So you will be ready to join us. So start the adventure with our team of exceptional teachers .

Discover our others test preparation programs

Broadway is committed to preparing students to achieve the highest IELTS score . in addition to, It offers preparation courses for other tests for admission to universities abroad, Of which SAT , GMAT , GRE and TOEFL. Thanks to a specially formulated as-needed preparation formula for Broadway, Students can easily adapt to the test methods of their choice and reserve a seat at their dream university.

Frequently asked questions

You can prepare for IELTS or TOEIC exams Different English on Broadway. These English language tests are just as important. And therefore, Our test preparation program covers all requirements to achieve a good score. To get all the information visit our website.

First, IELTS test IELTS It is the most famous English language test in the world. After he has proven himself, Many organizations see it as a sign of excellence. Get ready to test IELTS Individually. in addition to, You can do a beta test. The main act of beta testing is to put you in a real test situation. Reserve your place for a beta test now.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) A test that certifies English language proficiency. in addition to, It enables you to assess your level of English in reading, writing, listening and speaking. It is important that IELTS It is based on the principles of communication. Find out how to get the best result in a test IELTS.

IELTS Recognized by more than 10,000 organizations in more than 150 countries. These institutions include government agencies and university institutes including 3,000 in the United States. Most of all, It is designed to help you be successful. Prepares you to speak confidently in English in an academic or professional environment.

in addition to, It enables you to assess your level of English in reading, writing, listening and speaking. in another meaning, The test measures your English proficiency in these four skills. And therefore, It is possible to determine if you are able to succeed in an English-speaking academic or professional environment.

Degree requirements are set by different colleges and universities. Results are presented IELTS Usually on a 9-step ladder. Thus it is presented in the form of points. Means on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest).