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Business English courses in Dubai

Follow Business English courses in Dubai and speak English easily

Are you a professional and want to master Business English or Professional English to enhance your business? Broadway of Business English courses in Dubai are just for you. English is essential in today’s business world. And therefore, Proficiency in business English will allow you to better communicate with your colleagues and clients.

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Do you need to communicate better with your colleagues and foreign clients?

The Professional Communication formation on Broadway focuses on concrete situations that people may encounter at work, Especially regarding the situation where one is forced to speak professional English. for example:

  • Manage a meeting with English speaking staff
  • Writing a professional email in English
  • Use specific vocabulary related to a specific work context
  • View business plan
  • Negotiations or conversation with English-speaking customers
  • Business trips abroad
  • meeting or job interview
  • Idioms etc…

Never get frustrated with English again. on Broadway, Our Business English courses in Dubai are based on real case studies. This makes learning more realistic. Our program enables you to acquire the skills necessary to master the English language necessary to communicate effectively in a professional context.

So your pronunciation will be strong as well as your ability to speak well. Thus you will be able to communicate with English speaking staff, and you will be able to express easily in English.

The Business English program will also allow you to negotiate commercial agreements and partnerships for the benefit of your organization. And therefore, You will contribute significantly to its development. The world will be closer to you and you can become an entrepreneur or a very knowledgeable employee.

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Business English program description

Business English courses in Dubai at Broadway are designed to help you:

  • Speak fluent English and communicate fluently in the most common professional situations;
  • deepen your knowledge of Business English , thanks to real-life scenarios;
  • Possess the necessary skills to hone written and oral communication skills, So that you can speak English and build good relationships with your colleagues and clients.

The program then combines communication skills and concepts in Business English and General English skills.

Broadway’s Professional English Program not only allows you to master the official record by speaking only English, It also allows you to speak fluently. Over the past 10 years, he has helped thousands of people realize their dreams, advance their careers, and open up new opportunities. It is therefore a program that includes professional communication that combines oral and written communication used in the professional world.

This program will primarily help you to memorize grammatical structures orally. Thus it becomes easier to use and write. It will then lead you into your own conversations about everyday professional life: Phone calls, conferences, presentations, meetings, negotiations, demonstrations, etc. Tips that will help you develop the language skills needed to easily communicate with English-speaking clients and employees.

The Business English program is designed for people with a pre-intermediate level or higher.

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If you want to learn and speak English quickly, We advise you to choose our “Power English” program: Speak English at 6 months. This software allows you to speak English easily in just 6 months. Click here to find out.

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Book your Business English - Mock sessions

At the Broadway, We offer free trial sessions . These classes, as their name indicates, allow people who want to learn professional English , To get a clearer idea of our way and our work in general. So, Feel free to call us on the phone to book your classes. Book your free trial classes today! And you are 6 months away from a new life full of opportunities.

Should we learn Business English?

There are many situations in which you can bitterly regret not being able to speak English. In fact, You can find a job offer that exactly matches what you are looking for, However, you cannot apply because the employer requires English language proficiency. You may be called for a job interview and all is well until you are asked to speak English, And then everything seems to fall apart.

Imagine that you are participating in a meeting with native English speakers and you have a lot of things to say, but unfortunately! You risk becoming silly because of your level of English.

Imagine that you master the technical vocabulary for your field, But unfortunately when it comes to communicating with your customers, suppliers or collaborators, You are completely lost in grammar. Add to that translating the ideas in your head before communicating them to others.

Know that you are not the only one. In fact, Lots of people like you have the same problem. This is due to the classical method of teaching English. This method neglects the oral in favor of the written. This results in a waste of time. Because progress is very slow. The result: Many give up too soon.

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Free placement test

If you are not sure of your actual level of English, You have the option to take a quick and free online placement test. One of our teachers will give you a quick and reliable diagnosis. Click on this link to take your test.

Frequently asked questions

To learn professional English, All you have to do is join the Broadway. In fact, Professional English is the English used in professional fields as the main means of communication. Broadway’s Business English program helps you master Business English in no time.

Learning Business English allows the participant to stand out from the crowd and gain new opportunities on an international level. At Broadway, we offer personalized courses to meet the wants and needs of each learner.

Improving your professional English begins with mastering the communication component to facilitate exchange between employees in English. To this end, The Broadway has developed the Business English Program to prepare you for working life in English.