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To learn English speaking : English Grammar for Adults - Speak English wherever you are

No age to learn English speaking. A retiree or young person wishing to advance their career can take advantage of Broadway’s special formula for adults. Through our reverse teaching approach, The Broadway language formation allows you to quickly master English grammar by practicing it in your everyday life.

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Our students' testimonials: to learn English speaking


Our method in teaching English grammar

Learning a foreign language usually begins with a parallel study of theory. In fact, the natural way of learning is concerned with building the spontaneity of language starting with oral practice. To this end, the Broadway Institute has developed a new method called the reverse learning method: Broadway BI method.

The reverse method focuses on mastering the oral language before studying English grammar i.e. classical grammar and morphology. Therefore, the English lessons on Broadway are inspired by the daily life situations of the participants, In order to help them acquire important linguistic and communicative information.

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To learn English speaking: online English training on the Broadway platform

Many language schools choose tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Classroom that are intended for professional use of online meetings. Whereas Broadway has created a platform for online English lessons. And therefore, The Broadway Online Platform allows you to follow English grammar lessons without having to install any software. The new user of technology can access and deal with different classes easily.

Broadway’s online English lessons platform also provides a variety of informative tools to make the learning process more engaging. Interactive boards, video conferencing tools, and breakout rooms allow students to learn English in a fun and informative way.

To learn English speaking: our English courses for adults

Proficiency in the English language has become essential to enable professionals to advance in their careers. However, The importance given to the French language eliminates the need to learn English from childhood. As a result, Some people find themselves forced to attend English classes several years after graduation. There is no age to learn a language. For this purpose, Broadway created a special program for adults to meet the desires and demands of each person. on Broadway, We offer training in English for communication, advanced communication, and business English, In addition to the ESP program. (Put a link for each program)


Free trial course and placement test

Broadway special programs for adults are designed for all levels, For beginners, intermediate and advanced. However, If you don’t know your level, Simply take the free test available on the institution’s website. after that, Broadway’s teaching team will assess your knowledge of the English language and inform you of the final result. You can also order a personalized program to fulfill your expectations. Beside that, Broadway developed the concept of free demo lessons to help you set your educational goals. It’s time to book a demo lesson and start learning!


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Frequently asked questions

To follow English courses for adults, You can join Broadway. Thanks to the formula of speaking English in 6 months, Many successful people were able to improve their English in record time.

Doing adult formation on English grammar is essential to allow them to advance in their careers. To this end, Broadway has developed customized sets of programs to meet the wants and demands of each individual.

To follow English courses online, Just join Broadway. Our online platform allows you to learn English constructively with a simple and easy to use tool.

Having English courses for big beginners can seem overwhelming at first. So Broadway developed English courses for senior beginners to enable them to reach a better level within a few months.

It is now possible to follow intensive English courses for adults online through Broadway’s interactive online platform. You can choose Speak English in 6 months or one-on-one courses for the VIP program to master English quickly.