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GRE exam : Broadway prepares you for success

Do you want to continue your postgraduate studies abroad? Do you complain about your field of work and want to join programs? graduate In US universities? If you pass a GRE exam opens the door for you to benefit from a large number of trainings in the most prestigious universities in the world.

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What is the GRE exam?


The GRE ETS (Graduate Record Examination) is an English language test similar to the GMAT. In fact, This test assesses the candidate’s language skills and knowledge in general culture. The GRE exam also assesses a candidate’s mathematical problem-solving skills . Once you pass the test successfully, The candidate can access the program Graduates , especially Masters, Masters in Business Administration and Ph.D. in universities abroad .

Preparing for the GRE exam, Basic stage!

Candidates wishing to continue their studies at universities abroad should not risk taking English language tests without preparation . It may even cost them their nominations, Or they will have to wait several months before getting the next opportunity. And therefore, The preparation for the test GR It enables the student to familiarize himself with the method and methods of the test. He also gets used to information tools and learns how to organize his time.

Different GRE exam Types

in general , test consists The GRE is divided into two parts : a general test and an objective test . And in the digital or paper version, The test assesses the candidate’s skills in quantitative, communicative and written reasoning. It is a general test and is not specific to any particular field of study .

The general exam takes an average of 3 hours and 50 minutes for the digital version ( online ). While it takes 3 hours to finish the paper copy .

Broadway: The first platform to prepare for the GRE exam in Dubai and the Arab world


There are many lessons and materials to prepare for the GRE exam online. However, Having the help of professionals enables students to practice the best techniques that will be applied on exam day. on Broadway, our teachers will also give them language and communication lessons in order to master their English. Candidates are entitled to have a real representation of the test, In addition to a data bank for learning throughout the preparation period. Practice makes you better. That is why Broadway offers candidates a complete preparation program in order to meet their needs and enable them to score better points.

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The different stages of the GRE exam

The GRE exam consists of three sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing .

GRE Verbal Reasoning : The Verbal Reasoning part is to assess students’ thinking skills in reading texts in order to extract ideas . This part also allows an evaluation of the analysis in them and their ability to identify the main ideas of the text . The test is conducted in a multiple-choice format to answer comprehension questions . It may contain basic exercises, like completing a sentence in the text, Or search for an equivalent to a paragraph in the original text.

Quantitative reasoning in the GRE : Quantitative reasoning is used to assess the mathematical skills of candidates . Its goal is to understand the different mathematical concepts and solve the proposed problems . The test also assesses the candidate’s knowledge of algebra, geometry, arithmetic, and data analysis .

Analytical Writing in the GRE

The last part is analytical writing . through this part, take an exam The GRE is basically the written comprehension skills of candidates . Therefore, they must present their point of view and arguments on a current issue . This section consists of two parts : Problem Analysis, it takes about 30 Accurate, And inferential analysis takes 30 minutes .

GRE subject test

The objective test is part of the GRE test It is available in a multiple-choice answer format. But only in the paper version. Candidates will be able to answer questions that are primarily in their field of expertise . whether the skills they acquired in their previous undergraduate studies, Or in the language formation they followed before. The subjects covered here are physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, literature and language studies .

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Book your trial course!

Those who wish to take private lessons to prepare for the GRE can visit the official Broadway website and book a demo lesson . They can also visit the same site for more information on test methods, dates, prices, and scheduling preparation classes .

I want to prepare for the GRE exam in Broadway, where do I start?

An excellent level of English is not enough to pass the GRE exam successfully. In fact, the test itself is not a test of reality, It’s a typical test. As the candidate gets used to the general format of the test, The higher the number of points.

Preparation for the GRE exam requires at least an intermediate level . If the candidates do not know their level, Broadway suggests that they take an English placement test. The test is free and available on Broadway .

In the event that Broadway teachers consider the student to be below the required level, He must first undergo a qualifying course before starting the preparation. All you have to do is view our online programs to choose the one that best suits you .

However, If the level is intermediate or advanced, The student can directly start the preparation course for a period of time 4 weeks during this period, He will be able to learn all the techniques needed to pass the exam.

GRE exam scores and grades

The GRE exam is dotted in three sections . Verbal reasoning dotted between 130 and 170 Point, Quantitative thinking dotted between 130 and 170 points . Analytical writing is graded from 0 to 6. On the other hand, The objective test is graded between 200 and 990.

Correct answers give you points, While bad answers withdraw your points. Only answer if you are sure of your choice .


Where can I see my result?

Candidates who choose to take the GRE exam online can get their results on the same day, without taking into account the analytical part that is generally evaluated by the computer. In any case, they can get their final results two weeks after the exam date. For the paper version, Results will be available online after 4 weeks

Free placement test

Students who do not know their level of English can take the free level test available on the institution’s website. This test enables Broadway teachers to first assess the level of candidates, Then develop a personalized preparation program according to each student’s situation and needs.

Lack of time? Broadway adapts to your needs


It happens that some participants close due to lack of time . Whether it is because of the use of time in the university or in their work . That’s why Broadway offers them a package tailored to best meet their personal and professional needs .

on Broadway, First we do a beta test. Our teaching team will then prepare a tailor-made program based on the exam criteria . Therefore, we must tell the details of the technical background of each student, In addition to their personal expectations. Candidates may also book one-to-one lessons with a qualified Broadway instructor to make the most of their preparation classes .

Study abroad

Study abroad

In addition to the TOEFL preparation course, Broadway is a partner of more than 150 universities in the USA, UK and Canada. Since 2011, Broadway supports pupils and students who wish to continue their studies abroad, And help them get admission in top schools and universities in USA, UK and Canada. Keep in mind the budget constraints of students, and the type of studies they wish to pursue, In addition to the destinations that attract them the most. in addition to, We provide a support service for students wishing to apply for scholarships abroad.

For those who still have doubts and are late to act, do not worry, We have simplified everything to make your task easier. We know that the complexity of each step discourages many students. This is why Broadway is committed to supporting you throughout the procedure until you get your acceptance letter. All you have to do is contact our team to get an idea of the exams to take, documents to provide and steps to prepare for your trip. We intervene in a personal way to guarantee you the best possible result.

Other services

Broadway is committed to preparing candidates to achieve the highest scores on the TOEFL test. in addition to, It offers preparation courses for other tests for admission to universities abroad, Including SAT, GMAT, GRE and IELTS. Thanks to Broadway’s specially formulated as-needed preparation formula, Students can easily adapt to the test methods of their choice and reserve a seat at their dream university.

Frequently asked questions

The choice between the GRE and GMAT is based on the chosen course and composition. Be aware that both the GRE and GMAT are English language tests. A good score adds another point to your resume. for this purpose, Broadway supports you In preparatory classes for the two exams.

The GRE score scale is different from other English language tests such as the SAT. Here each section has its own score scale . Detailed information can be found on Broadway’s website .

The structure of the GRE exam consists of two parts. The first section is the general test. It contains tests of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. The second part is the objective test. For more details about the GRE exam and the tests it consists of you can visit our website and read the article on the GRE

Getting a good GRE score starts with good preparation. Broadway is the first language center to offer GRE preparatory classes. Come and do a beta test to determine your point and take advantage of our program designed just for you.

You can prepare for the GRE on Broadway. We offer you preparatory formulas complete with lessons and practice exams. Our ultimate goal is to get you a good point in the test.