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Speak English with Broadway : N°1 Online English language school based in Dubai

Trusted by the leading institutions in the Arab world


Who are we

Broadway is a leading platform in the Arab world for teaching English communication & test preparation to all age groups . since 2011. It is based in Dubai. Learning English at Broadway is based on improving students’ communication skills by adopting the so-called reverse method. In order to prepare them for excellence.

Our Students' Reviews

Our approach in teaching english courses online

While the classical teaching method is based on theory, our curriculum focuses more on the best ways to learn conversational English. It is a practice. Classic English lessons focus more on mastering grammar rules to build the language’s spontaneity. Which is a method that may seem unpleasant and boring to students. In fact, The structure of any language begins with communication. Furthermore it, A 3-year-old does not learn to speak using a grammar-respecting strategy. Rather, by practicing it daily. So, Broadway has adopted a new so-called Flipped Learning method that allows students to develop their spontaneity through communication sessions.


Online english courses on Broadway Online Platform

Broadway Online is Broadway’s exclusive online educational platform. In fact, it’s not about using classic video lecture tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Classroom, Rather, it uses an interactive platform to make the sessions more attractive. It is a simple and easy to use platform that does not require additional software installation. Even users who are not tech savvy can handle it easily. The Broadway online platform offers a full range of tools :

  • Video conferencing  to ensure communication between the teacher and the rest of the class;
  • Sub-rooms to conduct communication workshops in sub-groups;
  • An interactive board for creating, modifying and presenting class materials, doing exercises and real-time discussion among participants;
  • Multimedia player for sharing lessons or accessing YouTube during live sessions.

Our online english communication courses

A computer tool is now an important medium of interaction to facilitate communication between individuals. So, Broadway has developed its own online learning platform to meet the demands of today’s world. Broadway offers face-to-face English lessons online on its e-learning platform. It is a simple and easy-to-use informational tool regardless of the informational level of the learners.

To learn English with Broadway, Students must first know their language level. so, just take the free test available on our website. On Broadway, we offer lessons for all levels. Any beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

Broadway has also developed programs for all age groups, according to the methods of learning English conversation: Adults, teens and children. for example, Kids Club is the specially designed format for teaching English to young people aged 6-11. For professionals who want to advance their career, Broadway has created custom programs such as Business English and ESP, Inspired by the everyday experiences of the participants. And therefore, They can benefit from a qualified education without having to adapt their schedule to specific timetables.

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Prepare English tests online

Broadway prepares you for various English language tests . The choice of tests depends on your need , situation and the requirements of the university you choose . Feel free to contact us to determine which test you need.

Do not make the same mistake as those people who decide to take an English test without any prior preparation . In fact, It is not enough to have a very good level of English to get a very good score in the exam.

To start preparing for any english test, It is necessary to have at least an intermediate level (B1) . If the candidate’s level is found to be below average, It is therefore necessary to go through an upgrade course before starting the preparatory lessons. If you do not know your level, Click below to take a free level test in 15 minutes.

Linguistic stays: every Monday, 44 destinations

Linguistic Stays allow participants to open up to the world and learn new languages. This is the best choice for people who want to improve their English by communicating with native speakers. Also, a linguistic stay allows students who wish to complete their higher education abroad to get an idea of life in the host countries.

Finally, Broadway annually schedules language tours to such attractive destinations as the United States, England, Japan, and South Korea.

The language journey is both an educational and fun experience, It allows participants to take advantage of every moment of their international stay.

Frequently asked questions: Learn English

Learning English begins with practicing the language on a daily basis. And therefore, Students can easily communicate in English without resorting to traditional language lessons. Thanks to Broadway’s reverse learning method.

To learn English on your own, You can do self-training online. However, It is necessary to follow language lessons to get an excellent result. Choose a private tutoring program on Broadway. Supervision by our teachers is the best way to learn English easily and effectively.

Learning English for beginners requires a suitable lesson programme. So, Broadway has developed lessons specifically designed for people with a beginner level of English. We support you in your learning process with lessons that match your level.

Learning English has become a necessity. Globalization offers more opportunities for anyone who is fluent in English. And therefore, We have developed a curriculum for English lessons that is easy and accessible to everyone. So, Choose the lesson program that suits you best.

The best way to learn English is to choose a program that suits your level and needs. So, Broadway provides lessons designed just for you. Our approach to education is communication which is the best way to learn English conversation, It speeds up your learning process.

Choose English Communication Lessons on Broadway. We allow you to customize the lesson times according to your desire. Broadway offers English classes for all levels and all grades. Finally, With more than 2,500 educational topics, All learners, students or professionals and even companies can benefit from online English classes.