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They put their trust in us

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Broadway method regarding English language learning program!

Classical English lessons rely on grammar to develop the learner’s language structure. However, According to the experts, The focus on the communication aspect is more effective to learn English better. To this end, Broadway developed the Reverse Teaching method, which aims to build machine learning from the communicative aspect of language. And so on, Broadway has developed personal materials adapted to lexical technology relevant to many sectors of professional activity, It is inspired by the daily and professional life scenarios of each person.

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Business English on Online English language school Broadway

Broadway Online is Broadway’s exclusive online educational platform. In fact, It’s not about using classic video lecture tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Classroom, Rather, it uses an interactive platform to make the sessions more attractive. It is a simple and easy to use platform that does not require additional software installation. Even users who are not tech savvy can handle it easily. The Broadway online platform offers a full range of tools, Which:

  • Video lecture boards to ensure communication between the teacher and the rest of the class;
  • Sub-rooms to conduct communication workshops in sub-groups;
  • An interactive board for creating, modifying and presenting class materials, doing exercises and real-time discussion among participants;
  • Multimedia player for sharing lessons or accessing YouTube during live sessions.

Learn Business English for Professionals on online English language school

Broadway developed a new concept called reverse learning. So, English lessons are based on conversation classes led by qualified teaching staff. At the end of each session, Participants will be able to use authentic language that reflects their development during the lessons. Self-study is also part of Broadway’s teaching curriculum. and actually, Applying the language concepts acquired in lessons outside the classroom allows participants to easily immerse themselves in the real situations of their work.

General English is different from Business English. This is why Broadway English shows use the terminology of each profession. Class materials are constantly updated to meet everyone’s expectations and requirements. Therefore, the participant will be able to communicate easily and in a discreet manner appropriate to professional contexts, No matter what situation he is facing.

For professionals who are short on time, Broadway has developed an online platform to make it easier to take lessons at any time.


Business English learning program for professionals

In a competitive world like ours, Mastering one or two languages will enable individuals to thrive in their careers. This is why learning English is now essential for developing interpersonal skills in the workplace. Broadway’s “Business English” format allows professionals of all levels to learn English relevant to their sectors of activity. in addition to, Broadway has developed an online learning platform to make it easy for all professionals to join the English language learning program, whatever their time use.

Our Special Needs Program:  ESP

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The ESP “English for a Special Purpose” program focuses on each participant’s area of expertise in particular:

  • Training in English for health professionals
  • English for engineers
  • Legal English
  • Public Speaking
  • English lessons for marketing and selling

In fact, The ESP program is for B1 level learners. In contrast, A1 level participants must follow eligible lessons before starting the training.

Book your trial lesson for you and your team


You can take advantage of a free trial lesson before starting the formation. The demo lessons allow you to get an idea of the composition and atmosphere with the teachers as well as how the lessons are going. This demo lesson is available for the beginner who starts learning English from scratch, for the intermediate and for the advanced.

Frequently asked questions about English language school

First, To learn English online, Register for our free trial. So you will be able to put yourself in the best learning conditions and discover our different programs adapted to all levels of English.

To get an online professional training in English, Join Broadway. We suggest the best professional program for online English lessons using a tool specially developed for your formation as if you were face to face. Visit our website for more details.

To offer online intensive English language lessons, Broadway has put together a unique program to improve your English in record time. The Power English program allows you to improve your English communication skills in just 6 months.

To follow online English lessons for beginners, Discover the right learning tool for all levels. It enables you to catch up with the delay in the English language quickly and effectively. Broadway’s online platform is the perfect platform for online English courses. So you can see the details of our courses for beginners on our website.