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Learn to speak in English : BROADWAY VIP

Are you a student or a professional looking to master the English language to launch a prestigious career in your country or abroad? Broadway offers an English language course consisting of a variety of private and one-to-one English lessons for the VIP category, This is according to the levels and needs of each learner.

What is a BROADWAY VIP private course in English?

BROADWAY VIP English course is a course in which the student learns to speak in English and benefits from one-to-one study session with a qualified teacher. Beside that, This method is the most effective learning method if you want to take advantage of every second with your teacher. It is a lesson intended for people who want individual and personal lessons.


Why choose Broadway for learn to speak in English in a VIP format?

The traditional approach to teaching English is one in which the teacher is the sole owner of knowledge, While students learn the language with some passivity. However, The most effective way to learn English is to take an approach that emphasizes communication in the first place. So Broadway developed a new method called the reverse learning method, And that’s after several years of research with his foreign partners. The Reverse Method or the Broadway Approach is inspired by the daily and professional life scenarios of the participants to enable them to develop spontaneity of language through communication. Thus, they can benefit from authentic and personalized content that meets their personal wants and needs.

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Reasons for choosing an English language course in VIP format

VIP private lessons enable the teacher to analyze the student’s knowledge of the English language, Then by identifying his weaknesses, It is the answer to all his questions. VIP lessons in English can enable the learner to:

  • Choose his preferred method of teaching. In fact, Learning English through the student’s favorite activities makes the process easier.
  • Retrieve all previously acquired knowledge to redress his shortcomings in the English language before moving on to other skills.
  • Communicating in English 4 times more than in a group class. This is because being the only learner in front of the teacher enables him to interact without stopping from the beginning to the end of the lesson.

Our programs: learn to speak in English in VIP format

VIP Lessons Programs – Online – Available, It varies according to the learner’s age and level of English. Here are some details:

Adult programs

in the middle, One in three seniors finds it necessary to master the English language in order to have both short and long-term personal or professional conversations. However, Due to the lack of practice, An ebb can occur during the exchange in English. That is why our specially designed programs aim to prepare participants for the situations they may encounter throughout their personal and professional lives. on Broadway, We help the participants to define the goals they want to achieve at the end of the training, and to accelerate their progress, and to master the subject they wish to master.

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    Do you want to learn faster? Discover Power English

    The Power English or Speak English in 6 months program is for people who want to improve their English in record time.

    Broadway tailors its program to the professional requirements and personal needs of each participant. This is to develop 100% communicative English lessons inspired by the learners’ everyday lives. So they will be able to communicate easily during a business trip abroad or in their exchanges with their clients and associates.

    Our Special Needs Program: ESP

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    The ESP “English for a Special Purpose” program focuses on each participant’s area of expertise in particular:

    • Training in English for health professionals
    • English for engineers
    • Legal English
    • Public Speaking
    • English lessons for marketing and selling

    In fact, The ESP program is for B1 level learners. In contrast, A1 level participants must follow eligible lessons before starting the training.

    Prepare for Broadway English exams

    Further study abroad requires proficiency in the English language. Furthermore, Many universities require language certificates showing the candidate’s level of English.

    This is because English language tests such as TOEFL and TOEIC can be passed, students can easily access higher education abroad. It is therefore necessary to prepare these tests in advance. on Broadway, We have developed VIP private lessons to enable students to prepare well for English exams, It is to get the necessary point to enter the best universities in the world.

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    Book your free trial course

    Broadway gives you the opportunity to follow a trial lesson with one of its qualified teachers. You will then be able to get an idea of how VIP tutoring goes on Broadway, And the programs offered by each category.

    All you need to know about the levels required for VIP courses

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    For VIP lessons in English, We have provided various programs for our students to meet their needs, whatever their levels.

    • 1. Beginner level (1 to 6):

    Beginner level first starts with easy English lessons. Teachers prefer the communication component to enable learners to better practice the language through speaking.

    • 2. Intermediate level (6 to 11):

    Intermediate level focuses more on developing previously acquired language skills. Learning the content of our programs allows participants to improve their communication skills, learn new grammatical structures as well as new vocabulary.

    • 3. Advanced level (11 to 16):

    The advanced level enables participants to improve their English communication. Therefore, they will be able to speak fluently in all everyday and professional situations. Broadway’s VIP programs are authentic and meet the specific needs of each participant.

    Children and Teens Programs:

    • Children's program: Kids Club

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    In principle, Teaching English to a child at home begins with easy and fun activities. However, This is not enough for him to master the language well.

    Kids Club is the new concept for kids on Broadway. Lessons take the form of stories, songs and role-plays. According to the needs of any child aged 6 years and over. So children will be able to learn the language more in an educational and fun context.

    Therefore, the Kids Club program enables learners to move from one language level to another within 26 hours of private VIP lessons.

    • Teen Program: Teens Academy

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    Teen Academy is a package designed specifically for teens. Students who want to learn English or prepare for their study trip abroad can take advantage of the Teens Academy program in VIP format. So, Broadway allows teens 12-17 years old to:

    • Training in academic English.
    • Communication lessons to improve their oral English.
    • English exam preparation courses like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and GMAT
    • Orientation classes to prepare for their entrance into the American or English university of their choice
    • And a final component is school training and support

    Frequently asked questions: learn to speak in English

    Broadway proposes a VIP English course to improve your English in personal, private and fully interactive settings. Thus you can improve your English in record time.

    To follow VIP English classes online, Just join Broadway. We have prepared VIP English Lessons program for people who want to learn English online.