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English tutor : Learn English for kids: Communication 100% online

We have developed for your child a new, fun, entertaining and educational concept. Kids Club is a communication-based English language learning program for children: Role-playing songs and stories, It adapts to the special needs of your children from the age of 6 years.

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on Broadway, Our teachers use the reverse method to enable students to develop spontaneity of language through communication. Instead of memorizing the long grammatical and inflectional networks, Your child will have the opportunity to learn English through communication. The English lessons at the Kids Club consist mainly of oral expression exercises through workshops in singing, theater, comedy, etc…

KIDS CLUB is an exclusive Broadway show, Designed specifically for children aged 6-11 years. The ultimate goal of this program is to teach your child to communicate easily and spontaneously. And therefore, The Kids Club concept enables your children to improve through language learning with training activities and workshops such as theatre, singing and dancing, educational games and role playing. Your child will be able to follow their lessons online through our e-learning platform wherever they are.

Broadway Online Kids Club

The Broadway Institute has also developed an online educational platform. And besides, The platform is designed for all age groups. Even a primary school student can easily handle it to follow the English lessons with our teachers. I know that this platform combines many educational activities, Which:

  • Interactive boards for lessons and exercises
  • Sub-rooms to conduct communication workshops in sub-groups
  • Visual communication tools to communicate with the teacher and the rest of the class
  • in addition to, The platform has a media player for watching movies or videos on YouTube.

Book your free trial course

Broadway offers you a free trial, So you can get a feel for our software. Thus, you can encourage your child to spend a virtual classroom lesson with other children of his age, Under the guidance of one of our teachers. And all online and for 2 hours of guaranteed fun.

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English programs for teenagers

Continue training with Teens Academy

In the event that your child wishes to finish their course on Broadway, The institute has prepared a special program for teenagers. Teens Academy enables your child to continue their English lessons even in middle school and high school. And also we support your children in their choice of postgraduate studies. Broadway is a TOEFL accredited center. We prepare your child to pass English language tests to facilitate his admission to universities. Thus, your child on Broadway will be able to learn the language from elementary school to graduate school.

English courses for you and your child!

Keep in mind that parents feel overwhelmed if their child is interested in languages they don’t speak. So, Our team of qualified teachers helps your child even if they do not have prior English language skills. You can decide to join your little one in the learning group, Choose from adult communication programmes. Learning English is important and fun. But learning together is more fun.

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English Grammar 1

English for children: linguistic stay

You should know that the unlimited learning ability of your child cannot be framed only in the lessons. That is why we propose a language residence for young people from the age of 14 in order to encourage the new generation to communicate better in English. And since practicing the language with the Anglo-Saxons enables you to improve the communicative aspect of the language, The linguistic aspect not only improves your child’s oral ability, But it also improves his behavioral skills. The successful investment, And immersion at a young age makes it possible to better build the character of tomorrow.

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Communication English for children

Why do we teach children English?

Communicating easily is an essential aspect of human life to facilitate exchange with others. Today, English has become the most widely spoken language in the world. It is therefore necessary for children to learn it for these reasons:

  • Hearing flexibility : Teaching English to a child from an early age improves his softness of hearing. Thus, he can learn the language easily by listening, Without asking questions about how it works.
  • At school, Grammar is taught in English instead. While it is communion Students learn the structure of language.
  • The child can easily pronounce a certain word, It is also understood in its linguistic context. Furthermore, The child begins to get acquainted with the logic of language without knowing the basic rules of grammar.
  • English is the most spoken language in the world. Therefore, teaching English to your child allows him to open up to the outside world and to cultures other than his own. In fact, Linguistic and cultural increase enables your child to improve his critical and argumentative sense.
  • Learning English allows your child to develop their learning spontaneity. And therefore, This spontaneity can improve his level in other activities and study subjects.
  • A child has a more developed creative sense than an adult’s. So learning several languages can easily encourage him to use his imagination and be creative.
  • Continuing language lessons prepares your child for higher studies later on; Because choosing the appropriate higher education facilitates integration into the labor market. However, The best schools in the Arab world and abroad require a good level of English.
The right education for your children

Why choose Broadway for your child?

on Broadway, We take the teaching process very seriously to ensure proper education for your children. In addition, Our teaching team has carefully designed the Kids Club to enable children to communicate in English easily, It is to develop skills that will be useful to them later.

Frequently asked questions

For kids’ English lessons on Broadway, Broadway developed a concept called The Kids Club. Your little one will be able to communicate in English using our fun learning tools. The children’s club facilitates the integration of your child into his surroundings. It guarantees him a wonderful study path.

Starting a child learning English has no specific age. However, our Kids Club program is open to children from 6 years old. So they can learn to communicate in English easily since their early days in primary school.

The child can learn English using fun activities such as singing, role playing, word games… In the Kids Club we have provided your child with a variety of theatrical workshops, drawing and picture books to ensure a useful and enjoyable education.