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TOEIC test: TOEIC test preparation

Studying or undertaking an internship in an English-speaking country requires proficiency in the English language. This is why many foreign institutions require a language level certificate from students who have a mother tongue other than English. The English language tests, such as TOEIC, Accurately assess candidates’ English language skills. Passing the TOEIC test is now necessary in order to enable candidates to easily integrate into the professional environment.

Reviews about the TOEIC test

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What is the TOEIC test and how important is it?

The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is a standardized professional English language certificate. It is often required by institutions of higher education, Especially colleges or business schools. TOEIC complements the candidate’s CV to further his international career. It is taken into account that the TOEIC test is also necessary for people who wish to apply for a residence or work visa in an English-speaking country.

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TOEIC Test Sections

The TOEIC test is the most popular English language test in the world. In fact, It is used by 10,000 institutions in more than 130 countries to assess candidates’ English language level and skills.

Unlike other English language tests such as the TOEFL, The TOEIC test is not only limited to the candidate’s academic English language skills, It also checks for professional English language skills. In addition, Test questions can relate to scenarios in a business environment. and for example, Conversations with clients, meetings and negotiations. The TOEIC test lasts for two hours and is divided into three sections:

  • TOEIC Listening and Reading : assesses the candidate’s oral and written comprehension skills. He will have to read a passage of text related to a topic of the hour and then answer the questions. While listening, the candidate’s ability to listen is checked, using audio recordings.
  • TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test : It measures the candidate’s ability to express orally and in writing.
  • TOEIC Bridge : assesses the written and oral comprehension skills of candidates from the beginner to intermediate level in the English language.

TOEIC score: test scale

The TOEIC test is given in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Each section of the test is graded from 5 to 495 points, That is a maximum of 990 points. And unlike TOEFL, Only correct answers are taken into account in the TOEIC test. So the incorrect answer does not affect the final result. in general, A point above 750 is sufficient to guarantee the candidate’s admission to foreign universities.

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TOEIC test preparation

English language tests such as the TOEIC are to some extent form tests. So it is necessary to know how it works, the type of questions asked, and the knowledge that is being evaluated as well as the risks that must be avoided. The TOEIC test preparation course allows the candidate to take the lead in passing the test and obtaining the required result.

To this end, Broadway has created a TOEIC test preparation program for students and professionals who want to engage in an international career.

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TOEIC Test at Broadway (Mock Test + Individual Preparation)

The TOEIC test preparation program on Broadway is to support candidates to pass their test without going through traditional language lessons. They will be required to do practical exercises to find out which grammatical forms they must master in order to pass the TOEIC, and vocabulary for the test, In addition to the various topics covered in previous versions of the test.

Candidates wishing to prepare for the TOEIC test on Broadway can take a mock test before starting the preparation course. The pilot test enables teachers to analyze the candidates’ answers to identify their shortcomings. Then focus on them in preparation.

on Broadway, We also offer individual preparation classes for candidates who wish to benefit from individual support while preparing for the TOEIC test. Individual sessions enable the candidate to improve his level in the different sections of the test. And take advantage of the full attention of a mentor.

Free placement test

A minimum of an intermediate level of English is required to take the TOEIC test. If you don’t know your level, Broadway has made this placement test available online for free. The test enables our teachers to assess your level in order to develop the appropriate preparation program for you.

Study abroad

Study abroad

The choice of higher education abroad may seem intimidating to some students, while others decide to venture there without having an idea of what to do. Therefore, improvisation of student accommodation abroad can have a negative impact on the student. There are many administrative procedures that a student must consider beforehand, such as course of study, funding and living conditions in the chosen country.

Broadway is a partner of more than 150 universities around the world. That is why we offer a full support service for students who wish to continue their studies abroad.

Discover our others test preparation programs

Broadway is committed to preparing students to achieve the highest IELTS score . in addition to, It offers preparation courses for other tests for admission to universities abroad, Of which SAT , GMAT , GRE and TOEFL. Thanks to a specially formulated as-needed preparation formula for Broadway, Students can easily adapt to the test methods of their choice and reserve a seat at their dream university.

Frequently asked questions about the TOEIC test

To improve your TOEIC score, The candidate must complete a preparatory course before taking the exam. Broadway’s TOEIC test preparation program is prepared for the learner of real-world exam conditions.

You can take the TOEIC test at an approved test center. Students who want to get a good score on the test must take a preparatory course. When preparing for the TOEIC test on Broadway, You get a good point to continue your studies abroad.

To join a business school abroad, Students must pass an English language test, Including the TOEIC test. Each school requires a specific test or score. That is why preparation courses are necessary to enable the student to obtain the required point.

To successfully pass the TOEIC test, You must follow a preparatory program to familiarize yourself with the format of the test. The Broadway Preparation course enables students to maximize their chances of success and a good point.