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SAT college: All you need to know

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SAT college: programs

Broadway offers candidates two types of SAT preparation programs:

SAT 1 Program : Candidates with an advanced level of English can benefit from the SAT 1 Preparation Program. Students who do not know their English level must take a free 15-minute placement test on the institution’s website. Broadway professors will assess each student’s English level. He has an advanced level. He can start the preparation course directly. If it is found that the student’s level is below the required level, He must pass a qualifying course.

Broadway’s SAT 1 program is taught in groups. However, The candidate can also benefit from a special preparation.

The SAT 2 Subject Test program is only available in private lessons.


Get the individual package for SAT college

For people who want to prepare for the SAT in private lessons, Broadway suggests that they do a test run before starting the preparation course. The practice test enables professors to analyze the candidates’ answers to identify their shortcomings, Hence the focus of preparation on them. The Broadway teaching team is then responsible for developing a “tailor-made” program for each student. The customized programs enable the candidates to improve their levels in the different sections of the test. It is to get the point requested by the university of their choice.

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Book your free trial course

Broadway respects its obligations to the candidates and ensures that they prepare according to their demands. In addition, It has set up a free trial session to enable the candidates to get a clear idea of how the sessions are going. So feel free to contact one of our advisors to reserve your place in the trial session as soon as possible.

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What is the SAT test?

Test SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) (Academic Assessment Test) , is an English language test that assesses the language and mathematical skills of candidates. American universities require a good SAT score to accept applications from American and international students. However, each student’s academic path is also given a value in the admission criteria of each university. can test SAT candidates to join the program Undergraduate Undergraduate in the American Education System. However, Students who have completed two or more years of higher education may be exempted from this test.

SAT college content: Reasoning test and objective test

The thinking test assesses the language skills of the candidates. While the objective test assesses their academic skills in scientific fields. In principle, The thinking test is divided into three tests. It takes 3 hours with the possibility of adding another 50 minutes to the Stat Essay.

The thinking test begins with a ‘ reading test ‘. The reading test is a multiple choice question (QCM) test. And therefore, It consists in assessing the written comprehension skills of the candidates.  

The second test is the ” Writing and Language Test “. This test first assesses the candidates’ writing skills and their ability to correct sentences with structural or grammatical errors.

Math test is done In multiple choice format. The candidate must solve complex mathematical problems such as arithmetic operations, probability and statistics.

Finally ” Stat Essay ” or optional writing. Stat Essay has been optional since 2016. Therefore, the candidate must write a text explaining his point of view with the argument in one of the current issues. The test subject is often given in syllable form.

On the other hand, The objective test assesses each student’s academic abilities in one or more areas. And therefore, Candidates can choose to take an objective test in Physics, Chemistry, Literature, History or even in another language such as French, Spanish and German, etc.

SAT: How is it going?

As we mentioned earlier, The SAT takes an average of 3 hours and 45 minutes. It contains several sections. Each section has a specific time period. The ten sections of the test are as follows:

  • Two reading sections of 20 minutes each.
  • 6 question sections of 25 minutes each.
  • 25 minute writing section.
  • Finally, A final 10-minute section for answering multiple-choice MCQ questions.

As for the objective test, It usually takes one hour. Candidates will be required to take one, two or three tests, Depending on the requirements of the university of their choice.

It is also necessary to calculate the period of breaks throughout the test. This enables the candidates to change the atmosphere and supply energy for the next test.

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SAT test point

In principle, The reading, writing, language, and math portions of the Reasoning Test are graded from 200 to 800 points. For a total of 1,600 points. However, The Stat Essay is graded from 2 to 8 points. The objective test is also graded from 200 to 800 points, The total score is from the number of tests that the student will take.

It should be noted that success in the test results from a large number of correct answers of the candidate. So he has more points. However, Wrong answers can affect correct answers. Therefore, if the candidate doubts his answer, It is better to move on to the next question. The lack of an answer will not affect the final result.

What are the prerequisites/traps for the SAT test?

Students wishing to take the SAT must have at least an intermediate level of understanding and use of the English language. In fact, The test itself is just a check on what they have learned throughout their school life. However, The difficulty lies in managing time on the day of the test. Answering a question in 45 seconds can be difficult for some and impossible for others. For this, Candidates must prepare for the SAT in advance. Thus, they can get a good point and easily enter the university of their choice.

Why should I prepare for the SAT?

Joining a preparatory course enables candidates to learn about the test methods and learn about the different sections of the test. Thus, they can take the exam completely calmly and increase their chances of success. Broadway has faculty with proven SAT preparation experience. on Broadway, Preparation classes allow students to master the techniques and strategies needed for exam success. Thus, they get a good point in the different sections of the exam. Prepare for the SAT with Broadway

Study abroad

Study abroad

Many students today choose to go abroad to pursue their higher studies. They decide to go on an adventure without real knowledge of the method or the requirements of the host countries. for example, American universities receive an infinite number of nominations each year without accepting all of them. And also, The application process at an American university can seem long and complicated for students.

Broadway is a partner of more than 150 universities around the world. Therefore, the Institute provides a counseling and guidance service for students wishing to continue their studies abroad. Thus, they can benefit from support to register at the university of their choice, or get a scholarship, Or even get accommodation.

Other services

Broadway is committed to preparing candidates to achieve the highest scores on the TOEFL test. in addition to, It offers preparation courses for other tests for admission to universities abroad, Including SAT, GMAT, GRE and IELTS. Thanks to Broadway’s specially formulated as-needed preparation formula, Students can easily adapt to the test methods of their choice and reserve a seat at their dream university.

Frequently asked questions about SAT college

Both the SAT and the ACT are an English language test. They are English and Mathematics tests in the form of multiple choice questions. The ACT assesses your general knowledge of the English language, While the SAT gives you the opportunity to take a specialty exam in your area of expertise. You can find information about each test on the Broadway website.

Success in the SAT is often dependent on preparing for the test in advance. Broadway is the place to prepare for the SAT test. You can choose between the SAT 1 and SAT 2 preparation programs. For more information, All you have to do is visit the Broadway website.

To pass the SAT exam, You must go through the preparation program in advance. Broadway prepares the student to become familiar with the test format. To increase his chances of success, And to get a good point. For more information about the preparation programs, visit our website.